After what happened last time (the £6,000 mini-Monet debacle) it is with a quickening of the heart and a sweating of the palm, that I hear the word charity. However, when Fair and Co approached me with a bullet-proof promise that I wouldn’t have to actually make an appearance at the auction, that all I would have to do would be to customize a chair, deliver it to Selfridges, then push off out of the picture, adios! I leapt at the chance. I mean, I’ve always liked chairs. I normally sit down on one at least once a day.  So I did a small amount of extensive research on the chair that we (the 90 odd artists, designers and architects invited to participate) were to be using, the Ernest Race BA2, and discovered that when they were first manufactured, (just after WW2) the aluminium frames were all cast from melted down scrapped warplanes, Spitfires, Hurricanes and so forths! As the chair was to be suspended from the ceiling in the central atrium in Selfridges, it seemed to me the perfect opportunity to return the chair to what it started out as, an aeroplane. Using a bit of word fun, to which I’m partial, I soon nick-named my creation CHAIROPLANE, and Chairoplane can be seen soaring gracefully, manned by a pilot made out of a painted doorknob, with a moustache, scarf and pipe tooled from a local hazel tree, above the escalators in Selfridges’ Atrium on Oxford Street until 14th June. Bids can be made here. All proceeds go to The Art Room charity. Chairoplane does take up quite a bit of room, due to the projecting wings, but the pilot is far enough forward for a child to sit on the chair in comfort, and a full grown adult in discomfort. So now I bid you Fair (& co) well… (Subliminal brainwashing, yahahahaa!)

27 May, 2015 (14:10) | Musings | By: admin