Tax Discs, Progress & the spoiling of our fun because of it (progress that is)

Right, here’s another entry in this very important and potentially culturally insignificant, blog. My subject this week is Tax Discs. Yes, those round perforated things that are stuck on the windscreens of our cars. Non-motorists may want to stop reading at this point and go and do something else, like go for a nice drive.


There is only one interesting thing about my chosen subject (which should keep this thing nice and short); the tearing them out of their perforated sheets, which is a fabulously challenging challenge.

It is also one that I have never successfully achieved without causing some minor, and quite a bit of major, ripping to the disc. But this is the annual fun sweetly provided us by the DVLA (Department for Vans, Lorries and Automobiles) and I’ve just discovered the fun IS OVER. Extraordinarily, by using spying, magic and computers they have managed to vapourise the entire experience. No more hunting around for certificates. No more trips to the Post Office. No more little round discs. No more perforations. No more short sentences. Here’s a long one: No more complicated sliding of the little round disc into the little round tax disc holder and licking the stale plastic and smearing it onto the inside of the windscreen. ALL GONE. It’s now a clunk click, add to basket, job done experience.

Well, that’s what they think. I for one am having none of it.  I will henceforth paint my own tax disc and display it as a little round work of art on the inside of my windscreen. This will probably land me in as much trouble as shooting a swan, but sometimes you have to DIY for what you believe in.

27 January, 2015 (23:10) | Musings | By: admin