Firstly may I apologise to all my loyal readers (Roger in France) for not honouring my commitment to file a flower arrangement report every week. My excuse is that I had some even more important, top-secret jobs that required my attention this last month. Anyway, its business as unusual again!

Background and Nostalgia

This week in a fit of nostalgia I took myself off for my evening constitutional along a farmland track with the object of collecting as many different types of grass as I could. The reason I bill this as a ‘fit of nostalgia’ is because when I was seven I did exactly the same thing. A project had been set by my teacher at primary school to do something or other, I can’t remember what – but I ended up collecting wild grasses of as many different varieties as I could and sticking them with sellotape into a lined exercise book which was rather too small to accommodate them lengthwise.

Here is the drawing including pointers of interest:

Grasses illustration with old bottle

Expert Advice

Grasses in a jug or vase or old bottle are very beautiful but only for a short amount of time, don’t leave them in your arrangements for too long so as they gather dust. A dusty display of old grassware is for some reason very depressing to behold and for those with suicidal tendencies they should be avoided at all costs.

General Appraisal, Observations and more Advice

Grasses are very obliging for the amateur arranger as no matter how you bung them in your chosen receptacle they somehow manage to arrange themselves into a pleasing order. I have placed my selection into a chemist’s bottle. It is worth pointing out that these types of bottle are no longer available at Boots or Superdrugs, believe me, I’ve asked, you have to buy them at an antiques shop or dig them up from the bottom of the garden. It was only once I’d gathered my grasses, and arranged them expertly in the bottle that I noticed the pretty insect lurking (probably looking for a mate), on a seed clump (top right, as marked). For those inspired to do a grass display yourselves, it’s worth remembering that the grass is always greener on the other side, but be sure to look both ways if crossing a major thoroughfare to get there!

7 July, 2014 (15:54) | Musings | By: admin