This is a shamelessly hard-hitting, gritty, paired down, monochrome rendition of asparagus, or as I like to call it ‘rich man’s samphire’. I’ve opted for the monochrome (black and white) approach as a stark contrast to the luxury reputation of brand asparaggi, and also because using all the expensive green paint on this project is proving a drain on my natural resources.

Those of you who have not grown your own aspergii might not recognize it from my painting. This is what actually happens to asparaguses if you are asked to harvest someone’s allotment bed of them while they’re away on holiday and you forget. It’s quite impressive how quickly they grow, and how soon those tender young spears develop into monstrously long loopy woody things that you can’t eat no matter how long you boil them for. Therefore I decided to immortalize them as art instead of food, which on the down side means I’m quite hungry but on the plus side means one’s ‘yellow water’ does not yield that bizarre arome or asparagas as I like to call it.

The whispy (I know it should be wispy but somehow it reads more tendrilly when spelled with an h) fronded stalk to the left of the picture is not from the allotment, but was found by ye artist whilst walking along the neighbouring road growing out of a crack in the pavement. It is a plucky hearted plant and no mistake! Had I not picked the other stems but left them in the asparagus bed this is what they too would have become, but then we wouldn’t have had the stunning contrast we can enjoy here today.

5 June, 2014 (12:02) | Musings | By: admin