Wild Garlic

This week’s lovely flower painting is Allium Ursinium, which to those of you non-Latin scholars out there (Roger in France!?) is better known as Wild Garlic. Having looked up my POW (plant of (the) week) in the encycleopaedia I can intelligently reveal that it’s Latin name means ‘bear onion’. This name was bestowed upon it by scholars in the old days because it was a food loved by brown bears, and coincidentally in more recent times by human ‘foragers’ who are generally hippies and therefore are normally without clothes, i.e bear.

The bulbs of the Wild Garlic are also loved by Wild Boars, which (it is exciting to note) have staged a very successful return to British woodlands. Indeed only the other day I was driving through the Forest of Dean (as fast as possible) and my way was barred by 2 Wild boars sauntering across the road as bold (and as orangey) as brass. I couldn’t believe my eyes so reached for my camera phone but alas! Once I’d punched in my password for the second time the hairy beasts were quite far away and in the photo you can’t actually see them at all. Which is a boar.

Wild garlic is of course delicious in cookery, and pretty much every middle class home should have a jar of Wild Garlic pesto in the fridge by this stage of May. If you find yourself stumbling by the side of a country road on your way home form the pub, or on your way back from your Easter holiday in Wales where you got left behind by your wife, and find yourself a bit peckish, look under the nearby trees and if you’re lucky you’ll find some jaunty fronds of WG, so pick it, scrape the rook dung off, and have a nibble on it. Remember you can eat the flowers too, they are pretty and delicious, like kittens.

As it this is my website I have indulged in a little product placement in this entry, by plonking my bunch of garlic into a mug that was actually designed by me. It was commissioned by Garsington Opera and I meant to write about it last year when it came out but I was too busy procrastinating to get round to it. While we’re on the subject it’s worth pointing out that between and above the 2 singers is a tiny swallow, which is strategically placed in exactly the spot where you ‘swallow’ your hot (or cold) drink. Even more good news is that they sold out of the mugs last year and have asked me to design a new one for this year, which I shall be featuring in a few weeks, (unless I win the lottery in which case I won’t be bothering with this blog as I will be yacht shopping or relaxing in a bubble bath at a luxury spar!)

10 May, 2014 (11:13) | Musings | By: admin