The sight of a handful of freshly picked bluebells in an old Waitrose jam jar has to be about as reassuring as things on this earth can get. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to find myself walking through a wood carpeted with them, in the low evening light just after a heavy fall of rain. The pong from the bluebells was quite (as in very) intoxicating and I was completely overcome by its delightfulness. You can buy an Eau de Toilette (though this be a sophisticated French term it has NEVER sounded right to me) of it made by Penhaligans of London called ‘Bluebell’, but I prefer to grab my womenfolk and roll them about in the actual bluebells before taking them to the opera or pub, so much more authentic and romantic.

Woods, floored with Hyacinthoides non-scripta (the Latin name for Bluebells which I was trying not to repeat) are apparently rather a British phenomenenonen, which only increases my pride and love for them (but doesn’t mean that I’m going to rush out and vote for UKIP). Speaking of UKIP there is an awful problem with non-Brit Spanish bluebells invading our shores and killing off our dainty dark and super-scented varieties with their pert, pale and fragrant free versions, which is calamitous. But has got me thinking. I mean, we hear so much about foreign invaders destroying our native species (squirrels, ladybirds, bluebells etc) but I’d like to know whether any of our species are out on the continent reeking havoc of our own? I’d like to hear that the British hedgehog is devouring the flat-footed French hog de hedge or that our blue tits are mating with all the yellow tits in Belgium making little green tits. IS THIS HAPPENEING? Come on Packham, Come on Oddie, we need to know which plucky little critters are waving the flag for Blighty overseas and what can we do to help them (other than voting for UKIP)?
I have no idea how a jar of sweet scented bluebells could stir up such jingoistical mud, but there you go for this week. Next week: Wild (not as in crazy or dangerous) Garlic.

30 April, 2014 (14:47) | Musings | By: admin