This is the second posting in my year long project to paint and write weekly (not weakly) about a flower arrangement, a subject on which I have precisely NO knowledge or experience, which does make it a bit easier. This week, despite having dreams of raiding the shrubbery for enticing clusters of fresh blossom, or the hedgerows for cow parsley, cow sage, cow rosemary and thyme, I have instead/lazily plundered the resources which lie closer to home. Visiting as I am, just at the moment, my maternal parent (who is a keen floriculturist and sports green fingers and thumbs) there is always the odd display knocking about the old house. Chance would have it that plonked on the jam cupboard was a fine one consisting of tulips in a brass pot, which caught my eye. I say fine, but in fact they are rather sad and wilted, and several of the heavy floppy flower heads are bowing right down, rather too humbly for my own modest likings. This is good however for the ART of the thing, as pert young happy clappy tulips wouldn’t be half so interesting to behold or offer much of a challenge for Ye Artist. Herewith the results of my labour:

I am realizing that I am no Van Gough. There is still something of the ‘A Level’ about my renderings, I concede, but I think that I have captured the glossiness of the subject and am quietly pleased with how my mere dashes on the brass pot with a pencil have evoked the ethnic quality, which said vase possesses. That’s me done for another week, enjoy the tulips dear reader, and OMGA (Oh my giddy aunt) I have a newsflash to report. The reason that the tulips are so floppy, I have just discovered is because there is NO WATER in the vase, not a drop, nuffink, so no wonder they look so somnambulant (sleepy). I must away, onwards and tapwards!

15 April, 2014 (14:20) | Musings | By: admin