BBC politics show resident cartoonist pronounces

As anyone who knows me knows, I take a very keen interest in politics. I know what literally half the parties are called, what colours they wear, and who their star players are. Rather like being an artist, the calling to become a politician is not one over which you have much say yourself. It is a gift/burden you are born with. Politicians these days are never cool (unlike artists of course), they are in fact weird, very weird, and probably a completely different species, not Homer Sapiens at all. What inspires them to become politicians at first is presumably a desire to change things, to make decisions, to make the world a better place, or failing that to leave their mark on it. What the job comes to for all but a few is the opposite of that, it’s about doing and saying exactly what they are told to do or say, never expressing their own opinions, the interests of their party being paramount or for the few successful ones, their careers. I’m only rambling on about politics because I am now the official ‘BBC Politics Show Resident Cartoonist’ so I feel that gives me license, indeed it is expected of me as a requirement of the job to bang on a bit.

So last week I was summoned to the Millbank HQ of the political wing of the BBC overlooking the river (Thames) to perform my first assignment. I arrived in good time and was given a well-earned cup of coffee. I was then taken for a well-earned tour of the building. Followed by a well-earned lunch. We then went cake shopping. We then had a cup of well-earned tea, and ate the cakes. At this point I agreed with everyone that working at the BBC was hard and exhausting but maybe, before we went to the pub for a well-earned pint seeing as I had left my dog locked up in the kitchen at 9 o’clock this morning maybe we could get on with filming me drawing the things I had been sent for so to draw? I attracted some disgruntled looks and some peeved ones, and someone narrowed their eyes at me, but things did get moving. We had one more quick cup of tea then got in a chauffeur driven limo and went to an arts studio where I painted the suggested new versions of the existing party logos in front of the camera. The exciting footage is here to see. If anyone is worried about what we will do if they lock up Sir Rolf Harris, I think the solution is herewith soluted… P.S I would have a comments for you to vote for your favourites but the few times I have used a comment box on my website has resulted in an avalanche of comments about cheap meds none of which work how they say they will, despite being recommended by top Canadian doctors. The world can be a frustrating place!

See me drawing live!


12 March, 2014 (12:23) | Musings | By: admin