The Middle Class ABC The book everyone (well me) has been talking about

Dear internet users, apologies, this entry is long overdue as my book has actually been available for 3 weeks now and you have been denied the opportunity of several laughs in the lav. But like Bolt (Usain) I take my time, I don’t hurry my public with panicky pronouncements, because after all the creme fraiche always rises (well not always, my ‘hard to find but well worth it last book’, Kit and Willy’s Guide to the Dogs of the World can’t have sold more than 300 copies, but it was only published 2 years ago). Unlike that one this new book is being stocked in ALL MAJOR bookshops and on a popular internet shop ( It contains all manner of in depth sociological investigative writing. No limestone floor tile has been left unturned in our pursuit of the very latest breakthrough revelations on middle class life. My hope is that it sells by the trug load, but we are rather banking on the fact that the middle-classes enjoy laughing at themselves. I certainly do, after all laughter is the best medicine… unless you’ve got a broken rib … or Aids. Here is a drawing of my book so you recognize it in the bookshop while out Christmas shopping.

15 November, 2012 (18:42) | Musings | By: admin