I have just returned from a VERY interesting trip to somewhere called Tintern Abbey. Who would have thought that on our doorstep was an historical site of such importance? For it was at Tintern Abbey that the Tinternet was invented all those years ago. Of course over time the spelling has changed but in some [...]

15 August, 2011 (13:21) | Musings | By: admin


People are often hindering my progress and saying “Zeb, your father was a pre-eminent publisher of bird books, did he do one about rude birds? You know, Shags and stuff?” Well really! I mean? It is true that he published an awful lot of books about birds, my favourite is Woodpeckers of the World, which [...]

5 August, 2011 (15:13) | Musings | By: admin


People assume, because I once lived in a tipi (a large Red Indian tent) for 10 years in the mountains of Gloucestershire, that I have no interest in soap. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of all the lovely soaps available in the world of soap, my favourite has to be the mighty Imperial [...]

20 July, 2011 (18:16) | Musings | By: admin


Growing up, as I did, in the 1970s, 80s and 90s one couldn’t help but notice a rather lovely poster of a tennis girl touching her own bottom in the late evening light. It is, of course, mainly the light that made this poster so incredibly popular. There was a horrible rumour spread by troublemakers [...]

24 June, 2011 (13:49) | Musings | By: admin


Now I know that I am in a very privileged position, having as I do, the whole wide world web reading what I write and I am not going to abuse that by handing out bogus advice or advertising stuff. But I do happen to have some very important information to pass on, and this [...]

24 June, 2011 (13:47) | Musings | By: admin


What with Christmas only 6 months away (at the time of writing) thoughts are obviously turning towards those enormous tins of chocolate toffees that come from the most desirable piece of real estate in the world not to be found on a Monopoly board, Quality Street. Being very young, I barley remember the hey-day (or [...]

17 June, 2011 (18:24) | Musings | By: admin


Like my spirit guide Michelangelo said the other day from beyond the grave, “Zeb you’re very interested in fonts and you’re fond of the blackbirds in the garden so why not create a print that incorporates both?” Well! I thought, he’s got a point, he’s wrong about a lot of things, The Cheltenham Gold Cup, [...]

3 June, 2011 (17:47) | Musings | By: admin


People are sometimes asking me, “Zeb, how can we be super stylish (like you is the implication) but on a budget”? The answer to this is perfectly simple. Why didn’t you ask me before? (which actually is another question) But then I go on to say “just put some pompoms on your anglepoise lamp” It’s [...]

24 May, 2011 (14:59) | Musings | By: admin

CHILD ABUSE (my position)

I’ve had hundreds and thousands of you (I haven’t) writing in to complain about my treatment of children in the last posting (something to do with Pesto). I think it’s time I made my position clear. I personally know literally SEVERAL children and do NOT condone child labour in any way. I recently did this [...]

6 May, 2011 (17:01) | Musings | By: admin

How to make PESTO (sauce)

People are always asking me “Zeb, you’ve got an Italian uncle through marriage, (not mine I hasten to add, I’m not married, through my Aunt) how do you make an authentic pesto”? The answer to this is simple (though it is one of the best kept and closely guarded secrets in Italian cuisinea). What you [...]

28 April, 2011 (13:13) | Musings | By: admin