This is the second posting in my year long project to paint and write weekly (not weakly) about a flower arrangement, a subject on which I have precisely NO knowledge or experience, which does make it a bit easier. This week, despite having dreams of raiding the shrubbery for enticing clusters of fresh blossom, or [...]

15 April, 2014 (14:20) | Musings | By: admin

Flower Power

Now that it’s still light at 7 o’clock in the pm, and one awakens to the sound of birds and squirrels singing in the trees outside, I can declare with confidence, ‘hello Spring’. How I would like to be able to add that hot cross buns have arrived in the bakers and the first of [...]

8 April, 2014 (11:00) | Musings | By: admin

BBC politics show resident cartoonist pronounces

As anyone who knows me knows, I take a very keen interest in politics. I know what literally half the parties are called, what colours they wear, and who their star players are. Rather like being an artist, the calling to become a politician is not one over which you have much say yourself. It [...]

12 March, 2014 (12:23) | Musings | By: admin

The Middle Class ABC The book everyone (well me) has been talking about

Dear internet users, apologies, this entry is long overdue as my book has actually been available for 3 weeks now and you have been denied the opportunity of several laughs in the lav. But like Bolt (Usain) I take my time, I don’t hurry my public with panicky pronouncements, because after all the creme fraiche [...]

15 November, 2012 (18:42) | Musings | By: admin

GRAPHIC ART … not as in explicit

Because of the expensive nature of my more sofistikated works of art (the ones featured in the paintings section of this website) I have long been encouraged to offer them up in a print based form. These paintings have always been dreadfully hard to photograph, as they are painted and gilded on the reverse of [...]

12 September, 2012 (14:08) | Musings | By: admin


Well, it’s nearly that time of year again, yes, you know what I’m talking about, (and the title of this musing gives you something of a clue) it’s the Olypmics again! A lot of you have been asking me (mainly from the spirit world, through my spirit guide) why on earth I wasn’t chosen as [...]

28 June, 2012 (15:21) | Musings | By: admin


This is a rather long overdue posting, but what with one thing and that other thing and the revisions for my forthcoming loo book (The Middle Class ABC published by John Murray 25.10.12) I have simply not had the time to blow my own horn about what I did for the Wizard Brown. In briefs [...]

25 June, 2012 (16:44) | Musings | By: admin


Sometimes I forget I ever wrote the highly informative children’s book ‘Kit and Willy’s guide to the Dogs of the World’ as I never receive any royalties. But just the other day, instead of royalties, the publisher sent me this splendid review from America, written by what we can safely assume to be, an actual [...]

12 April, 2012 (19:53) | Musings | By: admin


Well it’s that time of year again, the National Board of Names has announced the most popular names for boy and girl babies born in the last year. There are some surprises and quite a few old favourites. For the boys, Brian has topped the pole again (no surprise there!), just beating Osamabinladen into second [...]

6 October, 2011 (18:28) | Musings | By: admin


Apologies to those loyal followers of my blog (Roger in France) I have not done any postings since August on account of actually having some paid work to do. This I’ve nearly finished so regrettably, normal service will soon be resumed. I know one shouldn’t blow one’s own horn, but in this day and age [...]

6 October, 2011 (18:26) | Musings | By: admin